We are reading books about poo!

In the Mad House of Cats & Babies we like reading about poo, or poop. Yes, we do. We have a slightly toilet based sense of humour, adults and children alike.

Little Man has been given a set of books that satisfy that sense of humour. You  might have read them with your children. We thought we would share them, this week, because that’s what we are reading.

 Lots of poo and a rather greedy dinosaur thrown in for good measure (we like them too!)

The Dinosaur Pooped A Planet

The Dinosaur Pooped A Lot

  Dinosaur that Pooped Christmas

You would be amazed at how much poo one dinosaur can create, and my children love the books, and so do I. Reading them involves much hilarity, many noises of disgust, and sound effects that would master Universal Studios.

The books are beautifully (if you can associate that with poo) written, in poetry style, and are incredibly funny. The dinosaur basically eats EVERYTHING in sight, and then poops it all out again, in great and glorious waves and with mildly alarming consequnces. These books are perfect for reading with children, and whilst the humour might be toilet based, I dare you to not at least smirk slightly when reading them. We would highly recommend these and they get read a lot.  

That poop filled lot is what we are reading this week, what are you reading?


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One comment on “We are reading books about poo!
  1. We love those books, my children have their dad’s toilet sense of humour 😉 thanks for sharing with #readwithme x
    chantelle hazelden recently posted…Protein Packed Snack Balls

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