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Welcome to creative kids. Mum is rubbish at crafts, but she likes to find other ways to encourage creativity, using imagination and having fun making things… No glitter allowed! 😉

I have two children who like to make things. Sometimes it’s easy for me to facilitate that and even join in with what they are doing, and sometimes crafting is beyond me. I like to have things up my sleeve (or hiding in the craft box) to produce for rainy days, or when the cries of “I am bored” start surfacing, or when I want the kids to not be using technology and to be creative instead.

Last week, Big Girl was not that well, and had a few days off from school with a nasty chest infection. She was well enough to potter about the house, or sit on the sofa, and watch tv but not run around in the cold. She got a bit bored one afternoon, and I had to do some work and was wracking my brains to think of something she could do, whilst resting. I remembered we had been given a box of beads, and bracelet making materials, so I pulled those out, set her up with a tray, on the sofa under her blankets and she spent hours making bracelets and creating things with the beads. Result: happy, occupied child, and Mummy able to do some work, whilst keeping half an eye on her.

Beadwork is such a simple, easy craft that a child who is dexterous with their fingers can enjoy. She was happy to string and re string and create until she was satisfied with the results and she made bracelets and necklaces for me, and some of her friends. The set we have ccomes with all sorts of lovely wooden beads, and letter beads as well as colourful thread to string them on, and can be used and reused. It’s a rather clever, but simple craft idea. I have been patting myself on the back ever since for remembering we had it.

We love our bead set so much, we have decided that our March Creative Kids giveway is a set of beads, to share our new found love of all things beady and fun.Creative Kids giveaway

We have a Melissa & Doug wooden bead bracelet/necklace making set to giveway….

Lots of coloured, wooden beads, with letters to add your name, and colourful string for bracelets and necklaces in a sturdy wooden storage box.

You can enter by leaving a comment telling me what you do when you need to find an easy, not too messy activity for a creative kid, on a rainy or sick day, the clicking on the link to Rafflecopter.

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Terms & Conditions
Winner will be chosen at random by Rafflecopter
Giveaway starts on 25th Febuary 2015 and ends on 31st March
Entrants must complete the requirements set in Rafflecopter
Item is not transferable and no cash or alternative is offered.
Winner will be notified by e-mail within 48 hours of end of giveaway.
I will post free within the UK, international entrants welcome, but you will have to cover postage costs. 

So that’s our Creative Kids this week. What have you been creating?

Mini Creations
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71 comments on “Creative Kids – We love beads (Melissa & Doug Bead set Giveaway)
  1. Tracy Nixon says:

    Collages, making pretty boxes and making puppets!

  2. katie skeoch says:

    Peg dolls & painting are top of our list!

  3. Just popping over from #minicreationsvto say hi! We love crafting sessions but ours are usually messy! A non-messy, safe idea would be sticker art for toodlers (like me!)
    Baby Isabella recently posted…Pots 2 Paint

  4. Rachael Jess says:

    We bake cupcakes and pies in the morning and painting – usually feet and hands in the afternoon – the messier the better on a rainy day
    Rachael Jess recently posted…Octonauts come to Worthing

  5. kim plant says:

    we have a box of arts and crafts and we do card making x

  6. We have an arts and crafts box and my little boy enjoys creating pictures from bits found around the house and glitter paint. We also do lots of home made play dough and baking! x
    Jessica Howliston recently posted…Fisher-Price Space saver Jumperoo **REVIEW**

  7. clair downham says:

    my daughter likes making her own cards

  8. Kelly L says:

    We usually decorate cookies or make junk models!

  9. Lynsey Buchanan says:

    Baking always goes down a treat in our house

  10. Leanne Lunn says:

    Potato painting, card making and baking

  11. Ashleigh Allan says:

    Jewellery making, painting, colouring in, junk modelling etc!

  12. Mrs Rachel Heap says:

    my kids love play doh

  13. Bex Allum says:

    Painting is our favourite

  14. Ruth Bugg says:

    Sticker books, my son always loves these and other activity books

  15. Fiona says:

    hama beads are always a big hit

  16. Suzanne says:

    Painting is always popular.

  17. Angela Wilcox says:

    Junk modelling, baking and jewellry making are popular in our house 🙂

  18. Stacey Tripconey says:

    Baking, play-doh and crafts

  19. Victoria N says:

    We enjoying baking or drawing. I always have lots of ideas up my sleeve!

  20. justine meyer says:

    We make models of fairy castles

  21. Heather T says:

    Any sort of crafting with glitter

  22. Gemma Bailey says:

    We love painting, sticking pompoms and leaves to paper

  23. Tina M Holmes says:

    kids love motion sand atm

  24. Lisa Evans says:

    Baking or painting!

  25. Laura Asplin says:

    Cutting and Sticking 🙂

  26. Jo welsh says:

    Drawing or making models with old boxes etc

  27. rominy colville says:

    potato printing!

  28. Lorraine Tinsley says:

    Baking is a big hit in our house, as well as cutting, sticking, drawing, painting, anything really 🙂

  29. Sarah Parker says:

    loom bands 🙂

  30. Lydia Graham says:

    When they get very fed up they check who’s birthday is coming up and they make cards
    Lydia Graham recently posted…Free Amazon Vouchers

  31. fozia Akhtar says:

    Painting is also good

  32. Rich Tyler says:

    Play Doh Or Wooden Train Set 🙂

  33. Gemma Snell says:

    sticking, glueing,making collages, painting, paper mache.

  34. Stephanie Tsang says:

    Colouring, baking and Lego.

  35. Sarah Pybus says:

    Mine love painting and drawing

  36. mama syder says:

    cookie decorating and anything that involves lots of glitter
    mama syder recently posted…A Coastal Life For Me – Restoring Calm Into My Life

  37. Kelly D says:

    My daughter likes to create her own books and paint.

  38. sarah says:

    clay, kids lovw squelshing their hands in it and love keeping what they make

  39. Tammy Tudor says:

    Making a scrapbook

  40. they love all sorts, stickers, beads, painting. but colouring books are out nearly everyday in our house
    Natasha Mairs recently posted…Sooty ABC – Learn The Alphabet DVD + Giveaway

  41. kidGLloves says:

    Grace says – I love beads and I got a little bit jealous of all these AWESOME beads. Fab! Thanks for linking to #minicreations
    kidGLloves recently posted…Mini Creations Wednesday 4th March 2015

  42. Amanda Mallows says:

    We tend to go through the recycling and then make things from old toilet tubes, cereal boxes and egg cartons.

  43. Val Swift says:

    Painting, glueing and baking

  44. Karen Barrett says:

    We have a container full of empty boxes, lids and odds and ends. When it’s wet we like to make super size models.

  45. Andrew Hindley says:

    Colouring Books and Painting

  46. Rachael Pilkington says:

    Just giving them a large sheet of A3 paper and some crayons and letting them go!

  47. michelle bennett says:

    Paper plates and toilet roll tubes create fun crafts in this house 😀
    michelle bennett recently posted…Win a small girlie bundle

  48. claire blake says:

    Baking cupcakes

  49. claire haskins says:

    lots of painting

  50. YOLANDA DAVIS says:

    as long as you’ve got paper, glue, scissors, glitter, toilet roll holders, cereal boxes, crayons ect their imaginations will run riot and they’ll be kepy entertained for ages.

  51. Solange says:

    Painting and drawing

  52. Kerry Bennett says:

    Lego, drawing and making cakes

  53. steph lovatt says:

    We get the colouring books and crayons out

  54. Sarah Gray says:

    My eldest is still in the grip of the ‘loom band’ craze, but also loves making pictures and origami animals.

  55. Laura Costello says:

    Making cards & baking cakes x

  56. Katy says:

    Just having a big bucket of all bits and bobs from cardboard boxes and egg cartons to pipcleaners and just letting the children create anything they want using their imaginations.

  57. Kat Lucas says:

    We make cards or jewellery

  58. donna l jones says:

    painting and colouring

  59. leigh boyle says:

    we receive the toucan boxes which my girls do when they cant play outside x

  60. Jessica Powell says:

    we make decorate storage jars 🙂

  61. Tammy westrup says:

    Painting, making cakes or flapjacks and colouring always keep mine busy.

  62. kim neville says:

    Some baking, painting and play-do

  63. leanne weir says:

    we paint boiled eggs

  64. Jane Betts says:

    Art and craft – the best way to spend time together and pass the hours away

  65. Rebecca Evans says:

    Potato stamps and finger painting!

  66. Diana says:

    Painting 🙂

  67. Clare White says:

    Anything that they can use their imaginations on, den building, gloop play, mod podge crafts

  68. Kelly Ellen Hirst says:

    Cake and biscuit decorating is always a winner

  69. Rosalind Blight says:

    It really does depend, we love baking, papier mache, glitter fun, large scale building with boxes and making out own theatre.

  70. Stacey says:

    we love to do pretty much any kind of arts and crafts but the kids favourite things to make are cards 🙂 xx

  71. Tereza Miles says:

    Crafting is a challenge for me either, fortunately my daughter loves creating things, using her imagination. I always encourage her and try to help her.

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