Silent Sunday


6 comments on “Silent Sunday
  1. Susan Mann says:

    Interesting photo. Hope you are enjoying the holidays x
    Susan Mann recently posted…Silent Sunday – The Final Week of the Year

  2. Jollyjillys says:

    Oo interesting love to see how that develops !

  3. Jaime Oliver says:

    you dont see that everyday! .. hope your enjoying every second of it and cant wait to hear more when your back x
    Jaime Oliver recently posted…Silent Sunday 28/12/14

  4. I think I saw that your son took this – great photo. I hope you are having a wonderful time 🙂 x
    Verily Victoria Vocalises recently posted…Silent Sunday and My Sunday Photo 28th December 2014

  5. Kate Holmes says:

    Most interesting one this week so far. Intriguing
    Kate Holmes recently posted…Silent Sunday

  6. Notmyyearoff says:

    Thats a very interesting looking ant eater!

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