Flattering trousers? A classic look. Yes please!

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I tend to dress very casually, and somewhat (ahem) frumpily for work, simply because I am running around after a rather large number of small children, and their families, I tend to get a bit hot, a bit grubby (today I got a cuddle from a toddler, with the added bonus of a big snotty kiss and a handful of mashed banana thrown in, so you probably know what I mean when I say I can get a bit grubby) so I prefer to dress down, rather than up.

However, recently I had to go to a couple of events and meetings that called for a bit more of a smart look than my usual combat pants and cardigans look, so I had to make a plan.

I am not a terribly trendy person. I have done the fashion of the ’80’s and ’90’s when they came round the first time, (now I am showing my age, seriously!) and whilst some of it was fun, as I not quite so young as I was, I don’t feel I want to wear stuff that I wore 20 years ago,  but I still want to not look frumpy Mum, I prefer classic looks and pieces that I can wear often, but that don’t date, and also can be worn in many situations. To me classic clothing is pieces that you can wear and feel comfortable in, but look smart, and well dressed, and not too formal, but also can dress them up to be more formal if needed. Classic means things that will last more than a season, that can be worn time and again, and go with most things and “age” well.

I don’t have a lot of spare time for shopping, and trying on clothes, and tend to find changing rooms not the nicest or comfortable places to try on clothes (let’s not go there about the unflattering lighting!) so I like to shop online, order a size or two of the items I like and then try them on at home and see what works for me.

Classic trousers, that fit well, and wear well, are an essential thing, for me, and you can always dress them up or down. Finding a pair that fit well and are flattering, is always a bonus.

I found myself a classic outfit, that isn’t frumpy, from JDWilliams that I think will last and both pieces work together, and separately.

I tend to be a bit boring, where colour is concerned, but this rather lovely sweater, which is a pink/coral colour, caught my eye, and as it’s pink (if you read this blog you know how much I love pink) I decided it was perfect. It’s beautifully soft, and comfortable, but also has lovely detailing, in the sleeves.



It’s a classic piece, but the cowl neck gives it a more modern look, so it’s not quite as plain as a poloneck jumper. The lovely buttons on the sleeves dress it up a bit, and add that little extra detail.


I have had quite a few people compliment me on the colour and ask where I got it from, so I take that as a sign that it looks nice on me. 😉

These trousers, are another classic item, that I will wear agian



They are flattering, and well desgined. In this photo, you can see how nicely they fall into place, despite the fact that I had worn them several times that week (I apologise for the not so pretty footwear, I have to wear trainers for walking, thanks to the knee…)


(for my meeting, when I had to look smart and dressed up, I wore flat, patent pumps, with this outfit, I just forgot to take a photo!) 

Both these items teamed together with some flat, patent pumps make a perfect classic outfit, that I felt comfortable but smart in. I have had a lot of comments on “have you lost weight?” and “those trousers look great on you”, so I am delighted with them, and actually plan to get another pair!

This photo is not the best, I am awful at taking “selfies” but you can see that they work well together. I apologise for the background. The only full length mirror in the house is in the children’s room.


When in doubt, some classic trousers and a colourful sweater are classics and will do for the school run, a work meeting, lunch with friends, and all sorts of things. They’re definitely a great addition to my wardrobe.

*these items were a gift in exchange for review*  

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