A machine to make your own chocolate coins at home? Yes please!

My children love crafting and making things, especially things they can eat afterwards, and chocolate coins are a firm favourite in this house. Because of Little Man’s intolerance to cows milk products, it’s harder to get non dairy chocolate coins, or those made with only dark chocolate and no cows milk, so to be able to make our own at home, that he can enjoy, is amazing.

choc coin machineMuch excitement ensued when the machine arrived, and after I had perused the instructions and assembled the machine we set to work. It’s a wee bit fiddly to put together, so needs adult help with that, and also with using the machine, and setting up the chocolate to melt and then preparing the coins.

It’s a fun activity to do together, both the children and I enjoyed making chocolate coins, and they were eaten almost as fast as they were made. You fill the machine with very hot tap water, and then melt the chocolate pieces on the blue trays. I was a little sceptical that the plastic and machine would be hot enough to actually melt the chocolate, but it worked, and within the time limit on the instructions too, so I was impressed. You then smooth the chocolate and put the disks in the fridge to cool before you wrap and stamp them. There is a little bit of a lag time between the chocolate melting, then being cooled into shape, before they can be wrapped in foil and stamped but we managed to keep ourselves busy whilst we waited. Once the chocolate was cooled into disk shapes, we popped them out of the trays, inserted them as instructed with the foil provided in the slots, and pressed the lever, and voilà, wrapped coins, which then are pushed through again, to be stamped. e children loved this part, and I must admit, I did too. There was, I will admit, some squabbling over who got to take the next turn and who had made the most coins! 😉


I think this would be a great gift for an older child who wouldn’t need as much supervision, or at a birthday party, where each child could make their own coins to take home. You would need to have pre prepared the chocolate though, so the coins were ready to be pressed.

We will use this toy again, and again, it’s a great rainy day activity, and who doesn’t like to be able to eat what they have made? It will come in handy for Christmas, as well, because part of our Christmas tradition is to have an Advent calendar with gold coins in, one for each day of December, and we can now make our own, and I won’t have to hunt high and low for non milk chocolate coins for Little Man, either, which is handy.

Definitely a winner, in this house. The chocolate coin machine by Tobar gets the thumbs up from us!

*We were sent this item, as part of a review. All opinions are our own*

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2 comments on “A machine to make your own chocolate coins at home? Yes please!
  1. Cate @meaddthree says:

    What a really neat idea – I’ve never heard of anything like this! Definitely one for the Christmas list, and making chocolate coins on Christmas day would be ideal, if only to slow the chocolate consumption (slightly)! #TriedTested
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  2. That sounds a wonderful toy. I’ve not come across anything similar. We love making homemade sweets for Xmas pressies here so that would come in very handy #TriedTested
    Yet Another Blogging Mummy!!! recently posted…The Luck Uglies – book review and giveaway

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