SatCap – why are the cows in the bushes?

Every time we have driven past this little corner, we have seen these cows, lurking in the bushes. They peek out when we go past, but for the life of us, we don’t know what is so good about the bush they are hiding in… I am sure there is a suitably bovine SatCap for the photo I snapped of them though.



Then head over  to Keynko where SatCap is being hosted this week and see what other witty offerings are being shared.

We are driving home today, boo hoo, wish us luck…


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3 comments on “SatCap – why are the cows in the bushes?
  1. Kara Guppy says:

    ah bugger, we;ve been spotted!
    Kara Guppy recently posted…Saturday is Caption Day – 9th August 2014

  2. Mary Key says:

    The ministry of defence new camouflage techniques have certainly raised some eyebrows amongst the troops!
    Mary Key recently posted…Saturday is Caption day – the one with the bad memory!

  3. Human’s have the garden fence or Twitter but us cows prefer the bush telegraph
    Kate on Thin Ice recently posted…Can you think of a caption for this picture?

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