Trying something different – detox teas by Skinny Love Tea

I was sent some Skinny Love Tea to try out recently, and thought I would share how I got on.

I have written before about being sceptical of diet pills, or potions that help you to loose weight/detox/feel good but when I had a look at the information, ingredients and claims made on the Skinny Love Tea website, I felt confident that whilst they might not miraculously make me loose lots of weight, that they would be good to try. Tea At Skinny Love Tea we believe that you should love your body, whatever shape or size you are. We have created a blend of teas that will lovingly detox your body on the inside and help you look and feel better on the outside. We have sourced the finest, natural ingredients, which when used alongside a healthy lifestyle, will compliment your digestive system, increase your metabolism, aid weight loss and reduce bloating, Whether you’re getting fit for a special occasion, a new mummy with some baby weight to lose, or if you just want to look and feel healthier, Skinny Love Tea will help you love yourself, inside and out” They don’t claim to produce massive weight loss results, or cure all medical ills but they do say their products, when used along side a sensible weight loss plan and exercise, can help. “Drinking our tea alone will not make you skinny, but it will shift your body into detox mode when used alongside a healthy, clean diet and some gentle exercise – see our downloadable fitness plan, also available in our shop area. It’s free when you make a purchase. Good luck!!”  I like this. I don’t like companies that make ridiculous weight loss/health claims, so they were already onto a winner with me. You have two choices of teas. The normal detox morning and evening tea and the New Mum Cleanse which has been specially made for women who have given birth and are nursing a baby. They are very careful to make sure that if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, you should not use their normal set of detox teas, again, another good sign, and they do emphasise checking with your medical practitioner, before you take the New Mum Cleanse teas, if you are breastfeeding. The ingredients in the teas are all natural, and include herbs to boost metabolism, and help with water retention, and the evening one contains herbs that produce a very mild laxative effect. They have a very clear set of instructions and also a healthy eating plan to use along side the teas, if you are not already using a diet or meal plan and also tells you what to avoid food-wise whilst drinking the teas.

How does it work?

You drink a cup of the Teatox either before or during breakfast, every day for two weeks (there are clear instructions on the packet and website) and then stick to your meal plan for the day, drinking lots of water. In the evening before bed, you have a cup of the PM Cleanse tea, and then head to bed, letting it do it’s work overnight. It does say that it can have a mild laxative effect when you wake in the morning. The daytime tea helps your body to metabolise faster and gives you increased energy, and also reduce water retention. The night time tea works to cleanse your system and start shifting toxins and waste. Each tea has clear instructions on how to brew and serve them, and what also has medical warnings on the packet, which everyone should read, of course. The teas contain herbs like ginseng, cardamom, milk thistle, and other herbs known to help as part of a detox routine. There was nothing on the labels of the packets that looked scary, confusing or “unknown”. No secret ingredients.

What did I think of the teas?

I have to say, for a herbal tea, they don’t taste too bad at all. You are not supposed to use sweeteners or sugars in the tea, but you can add a slice of lemon, or serve them chilled, if you want to. I was quite happy to drink them plain and hot. I drank a cup of tea, with my breakfast in the morning, then a cup before I went to bed. I was a little worried about the “laxative” effect, but to be honest, it wasn’t that bad, and basically just meant that I needed to “go” first thing in the morning, as the tea had done it’s job. I am a coffee drinker, but because this tea contains natural stimulants, like ginseng, I opted to skip my coffee for the week I drank the teas, and didn’t struggle too much, without it. I did weigh myself during the week I used the teas, and I would say that I think I retained less water than usual, and whilst I am working at a steady weight loss goal per week of 1-2lb, that week I lost 4lb, some of which was definitely fluid being flushed out. I would say, that if you want to use a gentle method of detoxing, whilst on a healthy eating plan or exercise regime, that Skinny Love Teas would be worth trying out.  I will definitely be trying them again, in the future. *I was sent some samples of the Skinny Love Tea normal Teatox and Pm Cleanse to try. Any information is taken from their website, otherwise all words and opinions are my own*

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  1. Kate Fever says:

    What a good idea if it helps with water retention. Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested
    Kate Fever recently posted…Helping your child settle into school

  2. Hadn’t heard of these, I think I’d want to sweeten them though…with honey probably to keep the taste natural. Good idea 🙂 #triedtested
    Lisa from Lisa’s Life recently posted…Beauty

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