Anyone else struggling with endoftermitis? I love the word. It perfectly describes how we are all feeling, here in the Mad House of Cats & Babies.


We are tired, all of us (well, I don’t know about the cats, but the human residents are) and it has been a long term, and the summer holidays are looming promisingly. We are counting the days, until the break starts.

The summer term always seems the longest to me, and my children, by halfway through the second half of the term, are droopy, grumpy and distinctly unenthusiastic about the usual routine of school, swimming, ballet, violin, gym classes and all the other bits we squeeze into the week. LSH is frantically trying to get his work in a semblance of order so he can relax on holiday and I think if anyone I work with or am in conversation with hears me say “I will deal with that once we have got the end of term, I can’t get any further than that” one more time, I am sure they might scream or slap me.

End of term itis or said all in one word endoftermitis is serious. I am pretty sure it’s also very common, and a condition that a lot of children and parents are suffering from at this time of year. The usual array of sports days, school concerts, parents evenings, planning meetings for next year, end of dance class recitals and music exams, and for some of us, trying to get work into a place where you can leave it go on holiday, or at least tick over so you can spend less time on it and more time with your kids, is tiring.

I realised how bad our case was, this week, when my usually cheerful, happy 7 year old had a bit of a breakdown. She has worked hard this term, especially after recovering from her tonsil/adenoidectomy in the Easter break, and has dealt with her Year 2 SAT’s exams, a violin concert, which she had to practice hard for, two swimming tests, and working hard at school, and the last thing she has on her agenda is a ballet exam this coming week, which her class have been working extremely hard towards and this Thursday, after a long day at school, including a swimming lesson, before we headed off to ballet, she sat down on the stairs in tears and sobbed “I am TIRED, I just want the holidays to start”, which of course, almost had me in tears as I cuddled her, comforted her, and told her I felt the same way. My poor baby, and it’s only the end of Year 2…

So we are crawling through the next two and a half weeks, and are trying not to be jealous of our Scottish cousins who are already on holiday, or the schools locally that have broken up already, and we are counting the days until the end of term, we have in fact got a countdown app, which we check every day, cheered up slightly be the number going down, even if it does seem a bit slow…The holidays will come, and we can relax and recuperate, and breathe a sigh of relief that school routine, and all the extra bits are shelved for a good few weeks and the pressure of daily life eases a bit.

Endotermitis, we’ve got it bad here!

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One comment on “Endoftermitis?
  1. Cheryl Gilliver says:

    It happens with adults too! Jim is dragging himself to the finish line this week. He slept about 14 hours yesterday. He had a morning nap and then went to sleep on the sofa just after 7pm and didn’t actually make it to bed. I went down after 2am to try and force him upstairs, but gave up! He was comatose.

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