Friday’s Rant from the Soap Box in MY Living Room – Buzz off Mosquitoes

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Seriously? What IS the point of mosquitoes? What to they actually do? I personally want to say “buzz of mosquitoes” and if you read on you will see why.

Last weekend, we hosted a BBQ for LSH’s birthday. It was fun, lively, and I hope, enjoyed by all. Unfortunately, I have been suffering from some side effects as a result of the party, and no, not Pimm’s induced ones.

I seem to have attracted a swarm of somewhat vampiric British mosquitoes, that decided I was breakfast, lunch and dinner, and I was bitten very badly. I had no idea that we actually had mosquitoes in the UK, and when we started killing them in the house, over the weekend, was horrified, not only at the size of them, but at their nasty, biting habits. We killed a fair number. If you don’t believe me, this is one of my trophy kills….


Not only that, but it seems that I am ALLERGIC to the bites of these mosquitoes. I spent some of my childhood living in countries where mosquitoes are prevalent, yet never had a reaction like you can see below (and I apologise, yes, I am showing my pale, vitamin D deprived flesh, on the blog)


This bite, was the least of the many, swollen, inflamed and incredibly itchy on my body. This one at it’s worst, measured 9cm across. There were two or three on my leg, that actually started to become so inflamed and sore, that I suspected they were on the way to being infected. I took myself off to my GP who agreed with me, and I have been popping large doses of antihistamine, and applying cortisone and antibiotic ointment, to reduce the swelling and clear up any infection. The bites are going down, but it has not been a fun few days, and I apologise to anyone who has been in my actual presence since the weekend, because I have probably seemed a touch away with the fairies, due to the antihistamine making me a bit dopey and sluggish.  I have also bought various things to ward off any more of them biting me, or the rest of the family (who all seem to have escaped, in fact Big Girl has been telling everyone with a touch of unsympathetic glee, “mummy is covered in bites, the mosquitoes think she is tasty, they haven’t bitten me”and even her class teacher was asking how my bites were today!)

If anyone can tell me what use, or purpose these nasty, biting little buggers have, I would be delighted to hear it, but frankly, they can BUZZ OFF! The BBC had an interesting article on the increasing numbers of them, in the UK, recently.

That’s my rant for this week. Feel free to share any you have in the comments or leave a link to your blog in the comment section or if you are an entomologist, perhaps you can justify their existence? Have a lovely weekend!

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