Week in photos – More cake, the cats are not amused!

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Welcome to our weekly photo update. Snapshots from Instagram and Facebook, usually featuring cake, more cake and often, cats!

This week has been 1/2 term, with both kids at home, which I have enjoyed, although the weather has meant being stuck indoors, and we even had to resort to a visit to an indoor soft play area, which did not end that well. You can read about that here.


We have had cake, cake, and more cake, cupcakes made by the children, to be exact. We hosted a BBQ for LSH’s 40th birthday, which was great fun, and I made him a flour-less chocolate cake and chocolate brownies, all gluten free. There’s been a lot of coffee consumed this week, too, because, well, just because. Grandad (my Dad, arrived back for his UK visit, we are very pleased to have him back for a few months, the children were delighted to see him, me too!)


Little Man (who it seems is a bit of a party animal, staying up ’til 11pm, at the party then up the next day at 6am, raring to go – thank goodness for new iPads and Cbeebies, is all I can say, to keep him occupied while his parents, rather wearily sucked down coffee and tried to look awake!) featured heavily in cars, swimming lockers, making his own breakfast and of course, showing me that he can work the iPad with very little help.


I got a new toy this week, in the shape of an iPad. It is supposed to be for me, to use for blogging and work, but I suspect I will have to hide it from the children…

We also went to see Postman Pat, the Movie, watch out for our review of that, later this week, and I had a few hours child free and enjoyed lunch alone, with a book, a rare treat!


Then just a random collection of things: Water guns, socks with days of the week on them, perfect for slightly OCD four year olds and mothers who hate mismatched socks. Yes, those are baby dolls drying on a rack, they do look creepy, and no, the cats were NOT amused!

That’s our week. Sharing on Make Do and Push’s blog, feel free to have a look at what other bloggers are sharing too.

3 comments on “Week in photos – More cake, the cats are not amused!
  1. Hannah says:

    A great selection of photos! Looks like a fab half term! If you get a second if love a tweet to those flour less recipes !!x
    Hannah recently posted…Phone cases by Mr Nutcase- A Review

  2. Those baby dolls on the rack look terrifying! Yay for cake though!

    Thanks for linking up to #TWTWC xx
    Hannah | MakeDo&Push (@theREALjeevesy) recently posted…Fertility over career? Why I agree with Kirstie Allsopp

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