Friday’s Rant from the Soap Box in my Living Room – Vote UKIP? I think not!

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Welcome to my one day in the week, where I let loose and have a rant. I try to keep my blog a reasonably happy, upbeat place, or at least not rant all the time, but Friday is my day to get things that are bothering me off my chest. It may be about parenting, politics, or something I have seen or have happened to in my week, that I just need to have a little chunter about. I personally think a good rant can be therapeutic. If you have a rant, of your own, please feel free to add a link to it, in the comment section. MummyBarrow, who hosted Ranty Friday, is taking a break from that link up for a while, I may try and host my own link up, if the demand is there. We can all commiserate and offer virtual hugs, wine or chocolate together. If you think a linky would be good, please say.

This week, my rant is short. I am typing this with two children trying to climb on my lap demanding time on the PC to play Cbeebies so I had better be quick.

I came home today, to find a flyer for UKIP had been put through my letterbox. I refuse to give them even a link, from my blog to theirs, so if you have been living on a desert island, or aren’t from the UK, you need to go and Google them.



I was horrified this week, to read in the papers that a huge percentage of people who voted for our current party, in power, are going to vote for UKIP apparently. Seriously, this party is a group of closet racists, xenophobes, and many other nasty things. They currently are receiving flack because of dreadful things various members of their party have uttered, to do with being Jewish, Muslim, or of a nationality that is not white and British, and apparently they are happy to accept money from people with some seriously dubious views on rape, women in trousers, and other things. You can read about that here and here.

No political party is perfect, in fact I personally think the current lot are a bit of a shambles, and I am not sure who I am going to vote for, but I can tell you that I won’t be voting for a party that over dramatises and exaggerates problems our country has with various issues, to further it’s racist, xenophobic, sexist, homophobic cause. We already have enough nasty issues with the BNP. Nigel Farage, the leader of this nasty lost, apparently admires Vladimir Putin, who personally scares me. Why would I want to vote for a party who’s leader thinks that the man half the world is terrified of, or is not sure will be the cause of another world war, is admirable?

UKIP is basing a lot of it’s campaigning on immigration issues, focusing on the fact that apparently millions of people are coming to the UK from Europe and other places. They want to send immigrants home, they claim they are taking all our jobs, money, and resources. I can’t say for sure what the actual stats are, or what the facts are, and I do know our country does have a lot of issues that need to be looked at, but technically, my husband is an immigrant, technically my brother’s partner, and mother of my nephew, is an immigrant, some of my daughter and son’s best friends from school are from other countries, weren’t born in the UK, who’s parents have come here to work and live. Do we send them all back from where they came? Really? At what point do we start think “I have heard this line before, look where that got us” and remember a war, not that long ago, where a man got into power and used his persuasive skills to have millions of Jews and other people groups “removed”? Where do we draw a line? Yes, I am comparing Nigel Farage to Hitler. I think a man who accepts sponsorship from someone who says women should not wear trousers and rape in marriage does not exist, and who had a candidate who has these views and they have had other party members and candidates ditched for similar uttering or views is abhorrent.  They are trying to appeal to the disgruntled public with their interpretation of what is happening in the UK, and sadly, some people are falling for it.

Basically, if you are black, Muslim, Jewish, and not from the UK (in other words you can’t trace your ancestry back to Saxon times, purely, and have no trace whatsoever of any other nationality, or culture in your blood) or are a women, or gay, you should go somewhere else, because UKIP doesn’t want you, me or any of us. They are thinly disguising their nasty rhetoric with a film of middle class, educated respectability, and I won’t fall for it. I really hope that other people don’t either. Please don’t vote UKIP, even if you do think this country has issues. Please don’t allow people with such beliefs get a firmer grip on power.

That’s my rant. Sorry for being political. I feel very strongly that Britain is mainly a tolerant, accepting country, that has a long history of people coming from other countries, bringing their own flavour and culture to a nation, that frankly has never been “pure”. I don’t think there is such a thing as being “purely British” or being able to say we don’t need people from other countries here. It makes me sad that we have the potential to become racists and anti other people and cultures. I hope enough people have the common sense and gall to see through UKIP and their nasty tactics. Most self respecting people won’t vote for the BNP or similar parties with such leanings, UKIP is not much different, I don’t think.

Normal service will now resume…

2 comments on “Friday’s Rant from the Soap Box in my Living Room – Vote UKIP? I think not!
  1. Cheryl says:

    Karen, I couldn’t agree with you more. UKIP is a far right party, whose supporters are ironically in part those working class who are looking for an answer to why they are on the breadline, and who actually have support for left wing policies, when it comes to nationalisation and taxation. I read an excellent blog this week about them, well worth a read:
    In truth there isn’t much of an alternative to the three main parties when you want a leadership that is prepared to address the increasing gap between mega rich and poor, the punitive relative cost of living, the culture of debt and consumerism, inflationary house prices, and the demonisation of those who are working class/ receive benefits whilst the mega rich are profiteering and avoiding taxes. UKIP won’t help with any of that anyway!

    P.S. I enjoy a well reasoned political rant now and again. Bring it on! X

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