Creative Kids – Hobbies and encouraging creativity.

My children are products of the 21st Century. They are very adept at using technology, that I would never have dreamed existed, as a child, the stuff of what science fiction programmes I watched. I love that we have such amazing things like the internet, smart phones, tablet devices, and the like for helping with entertaining and educating our children, I also like the “old fashioned” things we can do with our children so we do a lot of baking, and I attempt some crafting with them, although to be honest, I am not very good at crafts and usually dislike having to come up with creative ideas.

I want to foster and encourage creativity in my kids, though, so finding things they enjoy, that I can help them with, has been something I have been keen to do.

With Little Man, it’s not something we have really looked at yet, he loves all sorts of things, but isn’t really ready to take on hobbies, yet, at aged not quite 4, although he does love his dance classes, which I get great pleasure from watching. I suspect he will be like his Dad and be mechanically minded, he loves taking things apart, and is also beyond his age in his skill in puzzles, and is also showing signs of having some musical ability, so we shall see what he decides are things he would like to do.

With Big Girl, it’s been interesting watching her develop likes and interests. She is particularly keen on photography, and likes to borrow my digital camera and take photos, and in fact has taken some great shots, like this one. She is learning to hold the camera steady, and how to focus, and zoom in and out, and is getting really good at choosing what she wants to capture.

I am very keen to get her her own camera, at some point, and also look at whether there are photography workshops for children her age. I think she would enjoy and learn and lot from them.

She also loves writing, both at school, and at home, writing stories, and notes and I try and encourage her to write thank you letters, to friends and family, partly because I think it is polite, and also because I do think that as technology changes, writing, particularly letters, will become less of a skill children are taught. At the moment, she is writing a letter to a new pen friend, an activity that is keeping her very busy, and I am teaching her how to write about herself, but also to ask questions to the person she is writing to, to open up things to talk about. Whilst she has been recovering from her recent operation, and has been quarantined at home, gentle activities such as this have been ideal. You can see how hard she has been concentrating, and I have been printing off photos for her to send, as well.

Creative Kids April 2nd

Encouraging creativity in our kids is fun, and important. Next week, with the school holiday arriving, I am looking forward to relaxing a bit from our routine, but also doing some fun stuff with the children. We are going to bake bread next week, something we are very excited about. I will share the recipe we use, and I am sure there will be some photos of the action and results.

What do you do, to encourage creativity and hobbies for your kids?

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2 comments on “Creative Kids – Hobbies and encouraging creativity.
  1. I think you are right, encouraging creativity is so important. And, although a lot of the games that my boys play encourage problem solving and creativity, we do a fair amount of good old fashioned crafts and baking too! #MiniCreations
    Sara (@mumturnedmom) recently posted…Review: White: The App

  2. KidGLloves says:

    Lucas says – We LOVE anything messy and involves the Mother cleaning up afterwards!!!!
    Grace says – Oh Lucas……. Not every child is like you……… We love this post and so pleased that you linked up xx

    Thanks for linking to #minicreations
    KidGLloves recently posted…Dogged Determination: My Top 10 Doggie Heroes

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