Sat Cap – Things to do with ice lollies….

Other than eat them!

Sat Cap 29th March

So Big Girl gave me permission to share this photo… I am too tired to come up with anything witty, this week, so Sat Cap away please.

Then head over to Mammasaurus and see what is being shared over there!

4 comments on “Sat Cap – Things to do with ice lollies….
  1. Kara says:

    You’re supposed to take the wrapper off!

  2. Mammasaurus says:

    I said a BROLLY you numpty!

    (Hope she’s ok x)
    Mammasaurus recently posted…Saturday is Dino Caption Day

  3. I invented the new cure to migraine! Eureka!
    Merlinda (@pixiedusk) recently posted…Saturday is Caption Day

  4. If I concentrate really hard, I can make two more lollies appear. Abracadabra.
    Californian Mum recently posted…Silent Sunday

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