Sat Cap – Sandcastle anyone?

So, I had nothing inspiring for Sat Cap today, but after browsing my photos archives looking for something else, I found this, and thought it was worthy.

LSH, sandcastle architect in his spare time, with his little assistant. I was 8 weeks pregnant with Little Man, and feeling so ill, with the start of HEG,  but managed to raise my head from the picnic blanket I was lying on, with my sick bag in tow, while they enjoyed the beach at St. Andrew’s, to snap this shot and then lie down again!


So, give me something witty, then meander on over to Actually Mummy, who is looking after SatCap this week, while Mammasaurus is away with TeamHonk, and check out the other Sat Caps and then go and enjoy the lovely sunshine this weekend is gracing us with!

3 comments on “Sat Cap – Sandcastle anyone?
  1. Mine’s bigger then hers. Do I win an ice-cream?
    Actually Mummy… recently posted…A postcard from Team Honk for International Women’s Day

  2. Wait till I get my castle up! I’ll make a high rise one!
    Merlinda Little (@pixiedusk) recently posted…Saturday is Peek-a-Boo Caption Day

  3. Iona@redpeffer says:

    And this is just the start!
    Iona@redpeffer recently posted…Saturday is caption day

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