Week in photos – Half term, pyjamas rule!

Another week in photos. This week, it has been half term, and we have laid low, other than a brief trip to Kew Gardens, and spent a lot of time in our pj’s being lazy, watching movies, eating popcorn, and I also managed to get SO MUCH DONE, in terms of sorting, cleaning, tidying, and dealing with the backlog of papers and stuff needing filing. Who knew that shredding paper could be so entertaining for two small children….?


Weekphotos23Feb2 Weekphotos23Feb3


We had fun on the slides. She might be able to look oh so grown up, but she still loves having fun!

I wrote a Ranty Friday piece on how much I hate the birds waking  me up at 3;30am, and they must have read it. cos they promptly emptied their little bowels all over our car. Much muttering and thoughts of bird pie in the Mad House this week!

I have created a board on Pinterest called Product Fail, and added my first item. That shampoo is horrible, made my head itch, chunks of skin come off and my poor scalp is still recovering.

The first daffodils are out, and bravely telling winter where to go. I am SO glad spring is on it’s way, as I think the rest of the country is. We lost tiles off our roof last week, in the storms. We are more fortunate than many, though, who were flooded or hurt, or lost property.

Layla spent a lot of time sulking this week, she doesn’t like things being moved around, tidied or cleaned up, she hates the hoover, the drill, and noise in general, and there was a fair amount of that, with me doing lots of sorting. Add in the children at home for the week, and she spent a lot of time sulking in corners, in the bath and on high shelves! Silly kitty!

Last but not least, Big Girl and I are going to run the Race for Life, in June, which we are both excited about. Best I get fit and ready for it, she is keen to run the whole thing…. My uncle John died recently of long term health issues, after treatment for cancer, my mother died from complications around her treatment of cancer, my other aunt died from leukaemia and I have lost friends and have friends currently battling or in remission from cancer, so it’s a cause close to my heart. We hope we can raise lots of money.

So, that’s our week. Back to school and work tomorrow, and I will be counting the days until the Easter Holidays!

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