Sat Cap – Who looks better than me first thing?

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Why, Buttons the Bear, Big Girl’s most prized possession, of course. But then she gets 12 hours of undisturbed sleep, and wears a sleep cap and a  mask… Perhaps I should try that?


Sat Cap this sleepy bear then head on over to Mammasaurus!

3 comments on “Sat Cap – Who looks better than me first thing?
  1. Shhh I’m getting my beauty sleep
    Em @ snowingindoors recently posted…Saturday is Tiny Barista Caption Day

  2. ‘I’ve got a great big foot, I can’t keep my eyes open and I want to eat my buttons, time for an AA meeting I think.’ #SatCap
    Alexandra Mercer recently posted…Saturday Caption 25.01.14

  3. Mammasaurus says:

    Somebody stop me! (only skool Mask reference!)

    Thanks for joining in sweet cheeks – have a top weekend!
    Mammasaurus recently posted…Saturday is Chimp Dancing Caption Day

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