Get Fit Mummy Week 4 and a link up

GetFitMummy So, week 4 of #GetFitMummy and I am really pleased with how I am doing. I seem to be loosing a steady 2lb or so a week, and people have said my face looks a bit thinner, which is a compliment, in a round about sort of way. One of my problems, or eating areas to tackle is portion control. I LOVE my food, and love eating, and would happily tuck into massive plates of pasta, loaded with cheese and sauce, for etc, but I am now finding that one way to help myself lose weight is to make sure my plate is not overloaded and also choosing what I put on my plate. A plate full of salad is great, but doesn’t fill me up, but adding a good portion of protein, helps. All common sense, and nothing really surprising, I know, but I have been lazy in my eating habits, so am retraining myself. No swimming this week, which was one of my goals, but I have been using the FitBug and have worked out I walk about 4 miles a day on my work days, and about 2-3 on non work days, because I am on my feet all day and walking about and up and down stairs. I need to increase my aerobic exercise, and I see the physiotherapist this week, for a final check on “the foot” and may be allowed to start running, which would be a brilliant piece of news. I am finding doing situps and crunches is painful, and not in a “working those muscles” good painful way, but a “this hurts, stop” kind of way, so I will be asking the physio for their advice on what I am doing wrong as well. Goals for this week:

  • 30 mins of aerobic walking, daily.
  • Swimming on Thursday afternoon
  • Stick to diet plan, drink enough water daily. (I am finding I forget, and feel grotty)
  • Load up my new iPhone with some good running tunes,
  • find a “Couch to 5k” plan, which will hopefully help me to get back into running.

I have decided to make this a link up blog post, so if you would like to add your own #GetFitMummy post, or weight loss or exercise goals post, please feel free to grab the button, link up below and share.     We also have a Facebook group, if you would like to join.

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5 comments on “Get Fit Mummy Week 4 and a link up
  1. Go you! When I was trying to lose weight I used to load up a breakfast plate instead of a dinner plate, as psychologically I wanted a full plate, it worked really well too. Good luck!
    franglaisemummy recently posted…Should you bother doing an NCT refresher course?

  2. Wow you’re a real inspiration. I think running this linky is a great motivator too. Slow and steady is always best. Well done you!
    HodgePodgeDays recently posted…World Suicide Prevention Day

    • motherofmadcatsandbabies says:

      Thank you. I think you sound like you are making some good plans too, and we will all get there. It’s definitely harder trying to keep fit and in shape with small children around and in the mix, finding time to exercise and eat right.

  3. Jaime Oliver says:

    yay go you honey, my activity is good but food is so my weakness too! i need to retrain myself! thanks for hosting x
    Jaime Oliver recently posted…This Is Me And I Am Fat

  4. Thelma Scott says:

    You go girl! I love your weekly goal, that (hopefully) would keep me motivated. What work for me are swimming and aerobic exercises. I got a week of slouching in my ergonomic chair at the office, and it gave me some muscle cramps whenever I start to work out. So I decided to take some time in the morning to get some walk so my body’s still conditioned if I do the hard way on weekends. Do you think that’s still okay?
    Thelma Scott recently posted…Its Quitters For NY School Team Post Football Death

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