The Mad House of Cats and Babies is ONE year old!


The Mad House of Cats and Babies celebrated one year of blogging, this past Friday. I started the blog in April 2012, but didn’t actually “do anything” on the blog until the 16th of August when I wrote this first post.

I cannot believe I have been banging away on this keyboard for a year, taking photos, thinking of topics, and putting a lot into writing and making it part of our life.

Friends who don’t blog have asked me why I blog, and is it worth putting all that time and effort into it.

I can say, hand on heart, that I LOVE it. I may not be famous, my blog doesn’t have hundreds and thousands of readers, or make a huge amount of money, like some blogs do, I have not got even a small amount of the writing talent of some of the bloggers I read and follow regularly, but it is worth it. I have learend a lot, about myself and I have also met and got to know some amazing men and women who blog and write about their lives or topics they are knowledgeable in. I have made friends, and connections, and have got a lot of support from the blogging community, and certainly, from a parenting point of view, have found it useful. I have joined in some amazing blog link ups and shared so many moments with so many people, all over the world.

It’s fun, it can be a bit tiring, and sometimes I worry that I won’t ever find anything to write about, and sometimes I write stuff and immediately delete it, and start again. I have grown, as the blog has grown.

So, yes, it is worth it, and I am very proud of my tiny corner in the the vast blogging world.

So, a day or two late, but Happy Blogging Birthday to us!

Have a lovely week!

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  1. Happy BloggaVersary! πŸ™‚
    its a scary first year isnt it! Im about the celebrate my first year in a few weeks time. Right from the start i told myself, i dont care how many people read it, even if there was only one reader who truely enjoyed reading it then it was worth while, quality over quantity every time!
    I have to admit I havent come across your blog before, but having just had a little nosy, I love it and i will be back again.
    popping over from #magicmoments

    • Thank you. I love the link up things, you get to find all sorts of blogs and new people.

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