Wordless Wednesday

We went to visit Aunty Jill, this weekend. She is LSH’s aunt, and we try to see her as often as we can, although she lives on the other side of London from us. She adores the children and loves to make a fuss of them, and her house is full of fascinating things, and she was an art teacher, so she likes to foster the artistic skills in both of my children, as you can see from the picture. We had a lovely day.WW31Jul

5 comments on “Wordless Wednesday
  1. What a treasure trove! It’s lovely to have someone special like that nearby.

    • admin says:

      We are very lucky, she’s C’s only family here, his parents are in South Africa, so it’s nice to have her not too far away!

  2. Happy Wordless Wednesday! If you haven’t joined in on the linky fun at The Jenny Evolution, there’s still plenty of time. See you there!


  3. roth0003 says:

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