Silent Sunday

Β Hungry Fishies

16 comments on “Silent Sunday
  1. Notmyyearoff says:

    They look like they’re on a group outing πŸ™‚

    • motherofmadcatsandbabies says:

      It was feeding time, they were waiting to be fed. They are quite clever, apparently.

  2. Erica Price says:

    Love the way they’re following each other around.

  3. My knowledge of fish is almost non-existent, but are these the little devils who live in the Amazon and eat flesh?

    • motherofmadcatsandbabies says:

      Yup, Piranhas in their tank at the London Aquarium, waiting to be fed. Slightly sinister, but fascinating, and not apparently as evil as they are made out to be in the movies!

  4. sarahmumof3 says:

    my dad always had a pet piranah!

    • motherofmadcatsandbabies says:

      I find them really interesting, and they are not as bad as they are made out to be in the movies, according to their keeper at the aquarium! πŸ™‚

  5. Oooo, they’re piranhas aren’t they? They always scare me :S

    • motherofmadcatsandbabies says:

      Yup, in their tank, at the London Aquarium, waiting to be fed. Sinister but fascinating!

  6. Not they type of pet I’d like to keep, I’ve obviously watched too many movies!

  7. Piranhas always look a bit sinister don’t they?

    • motherofmadcatsandbabies says:

      This lot were waiting to be fed! They do always look slightly sinister, although apparently they aren’t as bad as we think they are!

  8. Jaime Oliver says:

    i love fish πŸ™‚

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