I’ve discovered discount shopping stores!

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 You are now thinking, where has this woman been, that she hasn’t been in a discount shopping store before? And seriously she NEEDS TO GET A LIFE!

You are probably right, but I am going to blog about it anyway.

I don’t like shopping. (I know, I am female, my dislike of shopping seems a bit freaky) I find it stressful, and because I  struggle with some very mild sensory issues (I don’t like crowds, I find shops too hot, which makes me anxious and  I don’t cope very well with a lot of noise and activity around me, that I can’t control) and also don’t enjoy shopping with small children in tow (who does?) I tend to avoid it, unless I really have to, and I have embraced internet shopping and ordering things online with a passion. I like new things, I like buying things, I just enjoy doing it from the comfort of my own home, if I can.

This week, however, I discovered our local discount shop, Wilkinson. This place is AMAZING! I went there to pick up some bits and pieces for the Parent&Toddler group I help to run, and was totally enthralled by the place. It is big, the aisles are spacious, it was busy, but because it is well laid out, it wasn’t crowded, or it didn’t feel it to me and the things you can buy, for far cheaper than in normal shops made my head spin (in a good way) I spent almost half an hour, just wandering around, checking out prices, looking at items, and making a mental note of all the things we need at home, so I can go back, armed with a list.

Truly, I have no idea how they work, how they can sell things at such a better price than in ordinary shops, but to be honest, I don’t care. Two children, a house to run, on a single income, means that if I can bag a bargain, and save money on things we buy, then I am happy.

For example: I buy Organix children’s snacks, both for our toddler group and for the children, to have at home. Normally, a pack of their apple flavoured rice cakes are £1.19 at their online store, or in the supermarket. At Wilkinson’s, they are £1. Thats a huge saving, because I buy them in bulk. All of the brands they sell are cheaper, than the same items that I buy from my local supermarket. They do a huge range of items, their own branded stuff and popular brand name items as well. They sell items in almost every department. I even found fish tank cleaner and fish food, and got some treats for the Mad Cats, that I normally don’t buy often, because they are pricey, because they were HALF the price I would pay in the supermarket. They even sell the brand of ecologically friendly cleaning stuff that I prefer to use, at home, for cheaper than I would normally pay.

I am fast becoming a fan.  I remember being hating being dragged around discount stores as a child, by my Grandmother,  who had a thing for bagging a good deal, and loved the places, and I live with LSH who loves “Buy one, get one free” deals in the supermarket, but I now GET it. I like picking up things for a better price than I would pay in the supermarket, I get a real buzz out of knowing I have saved some money. I think I have reached the peak of middle age, or am having a mini mid life crisis of some sort, because I am so thrilled by my discovery.


Where has this shop been all of my life?


Disclaimer: I have not been paid to blog about the store mentioned in this post, nor have I been compensated in any way. All opinions are my own. Prices and comparisons are from Tesco’s online store.

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2 comments on “I’ve discovered discount shopping stores!
  1. I just discovered the Tiger Store in Kingston today…amazing!

  2. motherofmadcatsandbabies says:

    I need to go and have a look in there too, that’s next on my list! 😉

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