So my 6 year old wants her ears pierced…..

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Technically she’s not six for 17 more days, but she keeps telling me “I’m ALMOST six Mummy, that’s grown up!”

The subject of ear-piercing has so far been avoided and she has been vehemently against the idea. She was interested because her two best friends at school both have pierced ears, and obviously, so do I and she’s seen me wearing earrings, but thanks to this clip from The Parent Trap, a movie which we’ve watched several times, she was horrified at the whole idea of making holes in her ears, and because I haven’t felt that it was the time for her to have them pierced and that she was too young, I’ve played along and not encouraged her.

However, she has started asking about having her ears pierced, and on Sunday, announced that she wanted to have it done. LSH choked on his coffee and looked a little perturbed, the idea of his precious baby girl wanting to have her ears pierced doesn’t sit entirely well with him, and to be honest, I’m not sure,  either that she, or  I are ready for this rite of passage.

I had my ears pierced when I was eleven. My mother had always said I would have to wait until I was sixteen, and she herself didn’t get her ears pierced until she was an adult, and we were living in Thailand. I pestered and pestered her, until finally she caved in, and said that if my winter term school report was excellent, then she might think about it and take me to have it done. I worked like a trojan that term, and produced the glowing school report (which i still have, my parents kept all of them, it makes for hilarious reading) so she kept her end of the bargain and took me to the posh department store Central (Bangkok’s equivalent of John Lewis, is as close as I’d describe it) and I had my ears pierced. I don’t remember it hurting, I do remember my mother going a little pale and shaky and one of the sales assistants giving her a seat, though.

I was very proud of my new ear bling, but sadly, wasn’t as good at looking after them as I should have been, so I did end up with infections in both ears, and they were sore and yucky for a good while. They did eventually heal, and I’ve had pierce ears ever since. I have in fact, pierce my own ears, in similar way to the Lindsey Lohan/Parent Trap clip, when I decided I wanted more than one hole in each ear, and it did HURT and I think I screamed louder than she did in the clip. I have had no less than 6 holes in one ear and 4 in the other, at different times.

I’m not anti ear-piercing, and I have always thought that taking my daughter to get her ears pierced would be a fun thing we’d do one day, but I feel she’s a bit young at six? I also am being  a bit lazy, and baulking at the idea of having to keep on top of cleaning her ears and after care, whereas when she is much older, she can do it herself?

I have to confess that i am planning to get my nose pierced, soon, I’ve been planning it for a while, just havent quite got round to actually braving up and doing the deed.  Big Girl pointed out that if I get my nose pierced, she should be allowed to have her ears pierced.

I told her we’d wait until she was 7 or 8, but she’s not entirely convinced, and there was a fair amount of pouting and “it’s not fair, so and so and so and so have got their ears pierced” muttered for a day or two. She seems to have forgotten for now, so I’m not mentioning it.

So dear reader, What do you think? Is six too young for ear-piercing? Am I mean Mummy?


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4 comments on “So my 6 year old wants her ears pierced…..
  1. My daughter asked when she was 3. I took her to the local body piercer and he showed her what it entailed…she didn’t ask again for another 2 years. The day before she turned 5 we went in and she had them pierced. She understood she couldn’t mess with them and because she has thicker lobes it would take longer to heal. She fussed quite a bit about having to clean them multiple times a day but overall she did very well with the process. We STILL ended up with a mild infection and the holes took almost a year to completely heal. Overall though? It was a good experience.

    I should add that my background re:piercings and children is different from others. Culturally, my family pierces shortly after birth as in common with many Latino/Hispanic families. It was unusual for my daughter (in my family) to go so long without earrings–so for us it isn’t seen as an ‘adult’ thing to do/right of passage.

    That being said, do what you feel most comfortable with as you will be the one having to help her care for them. If you feel it’s too soon then as her parent and the one paying for the piercings I don’t think you are mean for saying no. Just honest, protective and doing what parents do—doing what you feel is best for your lil one.

    • Here we can have it done at a place called Claire’s Accessories, where they do it with a gun, but to be honest, I’d be happier going to a proper piercing place where they do it professionally and not just over the counter, if you know what I mean? I’ve checked out a few places for getting my nose done, and have found a very reputable place, that we would use, if LSH is happy for me to let her have it done. We shall see, he’s not that keen! 😉

  2. Susana says:

    Both my girls were 5 months old when I took them to get their ears pierced… they cried a little because of the clicking sound the piercing gun makes (which is not even that loud) and calmed down right away with a bottle. I’ve read a lot of blogs like yours and I honestly don’t know what the big deal is (no offense). The cleaning is for only 10 days, twice a day (at least that’s what I was told with my 2 girls). I cleaned the hole and rotated the earrings every morning and before bedtime… 10 days flew by! My almost 3 yo lets me change her earrings and clean her ears whenever I tell her we have to do it, she doesn’t complain or says it hurts, and it’s low maintenance at this point. I came out of the hospital with ears pierced, that’s how it was done 31 years ago where I was born. Anyway, good luck whatever you decide 🙂

    • Thanks. I think it is a cultural thing, I’ve nannied for families and also nursed for families who have had their babies ears pierced and don’t get what all the fuss is about. Having our ears pierced was a growing up thing for us, a sort of rite of passage, for my cousins and friends, whereas I know a lot of other families do it at a younger age. I have yet to persuade LSH that it’s a good idea, anyway, so we shall have to see. I need to go and check out how long it will take cleaning wise etc. I remember it seemed much longer when I was a child and when I did them myself as a teenager. I think we might wait til the summer next year, when she’s off school and they can heal up nicely but we shall see. Thanks for commenting! 🙂

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