Sat Cap – I want to be an accountant….

So, a future accountant? As long as he can keep me in a style I would like to become accustomed to, when he is making his millions I don’t mine… ;) But I am sure there’s a Sat Cap for this picture?


So Mammasaurus is handing over Sat Cap to some other lovely bloggers to take on, because she has worked very hard with the linky but she’s a mega busy lady with lots on her plate, and needs time to concentrate on other things. We love SatCap and we are sad but we are glad for her and it’s not going away. This week Sonya over at RocknRollMum is hosting it, so mosey on over there and see what’s happening.


The Ramblings of a formerly Rock n Roll Mum

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On my desk, which is a bit messy, with stuff piled up, because I have been away for 3 days and I usually clear it at the end of each day, because I HATE clutter and mess, especially in space I have to work or spend a lot of time in, stands a vase, with a single red rose in it. That rose, which cost £2.50 and was bought at my almost 4 year old’s son’s insistence, when we were out shopping today. He also managed to wrangle a box of usually not found in my pantry cupboard sugar laden cereal and a Disney DVD which was on sale (making me feel slightly more justified in buying it) out me me today.



I let him buy it, I let him choose a box of sugary cereal, I let him choose a DVD to take home to watch this afternoon, with is sister. I don’t normally let them splurge like that, we don’t just let our children spend money, like that but the events of this week have put life into perspective for me.

Earlier this week, despite having had a really successful and smooth recovery period from her recent operation, Big Girl developed some complications, and I had to call an ambulance to our home, early on Tuesday morning, and we spent 3 days in a hospital 11 miles from our home, with me staying overnight, with her, and LSH shuttling between home, childcare for Small Boy and being with us (we are eternally grateful to all those who offered to help, and to my brother and lovely child-minder who actually had him for those days) She is now home and recovering, and it was a complication that was manageable with medical care, but it was hellishly scary for a few hours on Tuesday morning. She doesn’t want me to share details, so I won’t but I don’t ever want to have to call 999 like that again.

Whilst I was sitting in the hospital, first in A&E with her, and then in the ward, where she was monitored and given medications I had so many thoughts going through my head. I knew she would be OK, because I have ENT experience and have seen what happened to her, in my work, but also I had my faith, and  faith in the excellent medical care at the hospital, and also in my own ability to advocate for her, if I thought she wasn’t getting the care she needed or wasn’t responding to the treatment but I was still shaken, and had to really battle with some anxious thoughts, throughout the event and afterwards. LSH was also very shocked and shaken, (a phonecall from your wife to tell you “get home now, I have called 999″ will do that to you) and family around the world have been worried and anxious, because they weren’t able to be there with us, helping us and supporting her.

It’s scary, to see your child unwell, to the point where other people, strangers, have to step in and take over, and tell you what to do, and to give you facts, and plans, that you have no control over. You have to listen and hope that what they are saying is right, and that your child will be ok. There is always that possibility that they won’t be. Life is fragile, the human body is not infallible, and the worst CAN happen. We all hope and pray it won’t be us or our loved ones it will happen to, but it can and does. Watching your child, you feel helpless, scared and for me, my heart felt like it was being gripped, by something that I cannot explain, a cold “what if?” and “this could have been worse” and “why did this happen to us?”

Fortunately, she recovered, and is well on the mend, but whilst I was in hospital, I met two families. One with a little girl, exactly Big Girl’s age, who when I got chatting to the parents, in the kitchen, told me what their daughter was being treated for, and in my nursing knowledge, I know that it’s likely to be life limiting, and her chances of coming through are pretty slim. That shook me, as I watched my own child, get better, that someone else was preparing to support their own child through gruelling treatment that probably won’t work, on a long term. The other family have spent most of their son’s short life in and out of hospitals, because he has multiple health issues, that need a lot of input and treatment and will continue to, for years to come. He may lead a normal life, at some point, but for now, he is “hospitalised” and spends more time in hospital wards, or clinics, or at appointments, that he does doing normal things that a nearly 4 year old boy should be doing. He is a month older than Small Boy. I came away from the hospital this week, taking my child home, thankful and with a new sense of perspective.
We cannot control life, I have been blessed with two healthy children who can go about normally, and whom I love so much, it makes my heart hurt with a breath taking away pain, to think about loosing them. Other people don’t have that. I have friends who have lost countless pregnancies, or tried and failed to get pregnant, who suffer the heartbreak of infertility and not being able to have a child, I have friends who have lost their precious children, who have struggled with the worst thing any parent can have to deal with, and no one can take that pain away. I realise afresh, that I have been given these two gifts to raise and love and send out into the world, and to treasure the time I have with them.

Perspective is good. It makes you see what you need to change or work on. I am not a perfect parent, I never will be, but I can try harder, to be the best parent I can,  and I can also change my priorities, and attitude. We aren’t going away on holiday as planned this coming week, the doctors think it is best that Big Girl is close to home and resting. Normally I would have been really upset, we all desperately need this break, we are tired, and we need time away. But, she is on the mend, and we are having a stay-cation at home. We will spend time together and rest and enjoy things, despite not being “away”. I had a fleeting thought that I could catch up on work, blogging, admin, household chores and all that mundane stuff, whilst we had our week at home, but I have banished it. I will not be blogging for the next week. I will not be making sure my Facebook page is flowing with our usual updates and antics, I will be deleting my e-mail apps from my phone and not even opening my mail on the computer and I will be reducing my social media presence, and I won’t be worrying about all the work admin and prep that needs done. It can wait. It is all important to me and needs to be done, but it’s not urgent, or life threatening, and it will all still be there next week. Perspective means for me, taking time out, time off, to be with my family. Perspective is good. Life is good, we have been given some very precious gifts, and this week, I plan to hug them, hold them, love on them, let them have a few things here and there, that normally I would frown on, and I won’t worry about a messy house, or things that need to be done.

So that’s why I let Small Boy buy this rose, and carry it home, to put in a vase on my desk. That is why my children spent this afternoon eating sugary  cereal out of bowls whilst watching movies. Life will go back to normal, but for now, perspective is letting me relax and enjoy them and life.



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Cornsilk sensory play.

Creative kids logo

I happened to be chatting to a friend of mine, via Facebook yesterday, about messy play, and activities you can do with children, when the weather is foul outside and you don’t want to spend lots of money.

Something we used to do, when I worked with children with special needs, was sensory play, using lots of different items to stimulate their senses, and help them explore the world around them, using textures, smells, and touch.

Cornsilk, is one of the easiest things to do, and is cheap, and most people have corn flour in their cupboards. It’s one of those weird mediums that can be a liquid, then a solid, without freezing or being heated. You can read all about it here where it’s called Ooblek (which is a very cool name, I am sure there was a Dr Who episode called that once….) It can be solid but liquid at the same time.  I love the texture of it, and always enjoy playing with the children when we get this messy play activity going. It appeals to the geeky, science part of me!

You need 

  • A tray with a deep ish rim (about 1 inch)
  • Food colouring, and or flavouring, if you want to make it smell nice, and this is ideal for children with sensory loss, or visual issues, as they can smell it, if they are not able to see it, but it also makes it fun for anyone playing with it.
  • Corn flour
  • Water
  • Any toys that you don’t mind washing afterwards. My kids like to run cars and small trucks around in the cornsilk, you can use pretty much anything you like though, or just play with it with their/your hands

Add the water to two cups of cornflour, and stir it, until it is mixed. It will become firm, but when you touch it or scoop it out, it becomes liquid. Pour it onto trays, and let the kids loose. You can add colours, and mix it, for extra fun. Just add more water to make it runnier, and thicken it again with cornflour.

I do this before bath-time, with the children, so they can then jump in the bath and wash it all off, but it’s also fun outside, as it washes away.

A great, non toxic, fun thing to do, and my 7 year old still enjoys it.

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Get Fit Mummy – OW!!


Thank you to those who linked up last week, I am hoping that we can get lots of links joining up and we can all share and support each other. I am sorry this post is a bit delayed and it took a while to read and comment, I am struggling to juggle a few things right now. I will try and do better next week.

This week, I have been struggling.

I have lost weight, 1.5lb to be exact, despite having had a week of good eating. I think I run around so much at work, that I do burn off a fair few calories, per day and if I don’t over indulge, I can maintain and loose some weight.

I have tried to run, twice this week, but have come upon a problem, a rather painful one. My left knee, which has caused me issues before, has finally, so to speak “given up the ghost”. I have had some issues for some time, with ligament and cartilage damage, and have seen a physiotherapist for treatment. Of course, they tell you to rest, which is very unhelpful, when you are a parent, are working, and don’t drive so have to walk everywhere….

So, at the moment I am stumped for what to do for exercise. Swimming is ok, but I can, in reality only do that once a week, and I need to do something. I can’t do any high impact exercise like aerobics or dance classes (and I don’t do stuff like that, anyway, ballet classes is where I draw the line) and running is now out. I ran for the bus this morning and my poor knee is now so sore, that I am sitting with ice on it and have taken pain medication.

I would love to hear some ideas for exercise that might be gentle enough to do, but not kill my knee of any further? I will have to keep walking, but am at least on holiday from work for the next two weeks to rest it, for a bit, and hope to see my Doctor soon to get a referral to a specialist, as per my physiotherapists recommendation. She muttered something about draining fluid from my knee, which is very swollen. I have had this threatened before, but never needed to actually have it done, and the prospect of it makes my stomach churn.

So that’s my rather gloomy Get Fit Mummy post this week. I will be on holiday, next week, but if you link up, I will share your posts and comment. Please feel free to grab the badge and share on social media.



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Marriage – 13 years, lucky, or a lot of hard work?

So, this time 13 years ago, the soon to be LSH and I were getting ready to walk down the aisle, and say “I do”. We had, actually done the official thing two weeks previously, and had a small celebration with that (don’t ask, a combination of bringing the date forward, family politics, and not being able to do the “official” thing at the church we were using, means we actually have two wedding anniversaries, although we don’t make that much fuss about one, although I have tried to hint that we should! :) )

We were pretty young, when we got married, but we had known each other for almost 6 years, and been good friends almost from when we met, and we were pretty broke, I was a full time student, he was working full time, whilst also being a part time student. Our first couple of years were very challenging, although lots of fun. We did some travelling, and enjoyed married life in a very small flat, with the addition of Layla, and some fish. We figured if we could keep a cat and some fish alive, we might be in with a chance of managing a baby. We have been very lucky, yes, but it has also taken a lot of work, to survive and grow.

13 years seems like such a long time, yet also a really short time. I look older (he doesn’t, I have no idea how he does that!) and we have both changed, grown up a lot, and learned how to live with each other. We have had lots of laughs, and quite a few serious bumps and ups and downs. I don’t think you can really prepare yourself to live with someone, and be with that person, for “life”, and commit to that person. There are good books, courses you can do, and also people to lean on for support and guidance. We have been very fortunate to have had a lot of support from the church we go to, and also good friends who have had their own ups and downs. We have several friends who have been married for much longer than us, who have helped us to pick up the pieces or walk through stuff when we have needed a bit of input and support.

I think we have learned to communicate with each other, understand each other, tolerate and compromise. I don’t think you can be with another person, unless you are willing to do these things. We have had some stonking rows, both of us are stubborn, determined and fairly feisty, and also we have both had to deal with the scars from our past, relationships and things that have happened to us, in order to be better people to each other. I have learned that marriage is not about trying to change the other person that you are married to, but trying to be the best person you can be, give, love, and let go of some things. I think I am slowly becoming a better person,  to be married to, or at least I hope so. I used to be very OCD about being in control, wanting things done MY way, because that was what worked, but I have learned that things can be done someone else’s way, and that it may not be exactly how I would do it, but the results are the same, and even if they aren’t quite how I want them, it doesn’t matter. I have also learned that as long as we have each other, and can laugh, more than we cry, that things will be ok.

Adding children to a relationship makes it more amazing, but also more hard work. Suddenly you have to work out a new dynamic, you have to share yourself with more than one person, you are tired, your priorities change. I am very thankful that LSH is an excellent, very active, hands on father, is very gracious with me when I am tired, and when I have struggled with mental health and other issues, he has been my rock.

It isn’t always glamorous, in fact, sometimes it is down right blooming hard work, and feels like it won’t get easier but it is worth it, I wouldn’t have it any other way. We have each other, we have our little family, and I hope we can be a good example to our children of how to be, and when our children do leave home, we will have each other.

Didn’t we look young, I looked thin, and much less tired….?


Here’s to the next 13 and beyond….

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Our week in photos – Apparently I am a Time Lord….

When I am not being Mummy, wife, blogger, and working too….

Welcome to our week in photos, a run down of what we have been up to, in photos, from Instagram and Facebook. Apparently, according to the Find My Friends App on LSH’s iPhone, I went AWOL and left the UK, on Monday, when actually, I had only planned to go to Kingston to go shopping. It would seem that my alter ego is at Time Lord. I also ate breakfast on the go several days this week, trying to juggle care for Big Girl, still recovering at home, work and life.

Photoweek6th1We also had lots of good food. Cakes, treats at WholeFoods, a gift of a box of rusks from South Africa and I made a family favourite of toad in the hole (gluten and cows milk free, you can find the recipe here) cupcakes at a party, and of course random photos of metal giraffes (I want one of those for my garden) and a cat that likes croissants (are you surprised?)

We also lost a tooth, the tooth fairy is now bankrupt again, and Big Girl is on the mend, and almost back to normal after her operation two weeks ago, writing letters. Picture of Little Man looking oh so grown up, thrown in for good measure.

Photoweek6th5 Photoweek6th3 Photoweek6th2

LSH and I will be celebrating 13 years of marriage tomorrow, and we went out for dinner last night, to our favourite sea food restaurant. It was excellent. We both love sea food, including oysters, much to the horror of Little Man, who being rather enamoured with Octonauts, told me “you CAN’T eat sea creatures!”. The sticky toffee pudding was very good too! ;)


So, that’s our week. If you would like to see what other bloggers are sharing, then hop across to Make Do and Push

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Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday 6thApril

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Sat Cap – we don’t need no table manners…?

There really are no words, except for me to say that we do attempt to install table manners into our children, but clearly failed with this shot…


Maybe there’s a SatCap for it?

Then meander on over to Mammasaurus, where there are some men in v neck jumpers with oh so impressive Dynasty style man hair…

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Friday’s Rant from the Soap Box in MY Living Room



Welcome to my Friday’s Rants from the Soap Box in my Living Room. A small space in the week where I can have a chunter about things that have made me twitch with annoyance or made me question if the world has gone mad or not….
I also  linked up with MummyBarrow for her Ranty Friday. You can find her blog and link up here if you’d like to join in. A good rant can be therapeutic.

So, I was going to rant about a recent trip to Pets At Home, today, but then an e mail arrived, allegedly from David Cameron, our Prime Minister, telling me all about how much money I would save, with his new tax cut on tax allowance. I used the calculator thingo in the link, and below is what came back….

Tory Rant

We pay a fair amount of tax, national insurance and other contributions. I work part time, and am self employed as well, and LSH works full time. According to this, we will get back, wait for it… £10/month, or just over that (I think it was £10.88)

As you can imagine, I was so excited, by this sudden marvellous boost to our monthly income, and started to work out what I could spend it on, then realised that with the rising cost of just about everything has risen and continues to rise(our water bill for the year arrived, today, I am not sure how they justify charging us so much for that, when they are rubbish at actually doing anything about the burst pipes, ancient sewage system and drains where we live and don’t seem very good at actually storing any water so we get letters threatening us of drought conditions if the sun comes out for more than two days on the trot – Thames Water, ahem, I am looking at your letter now and wondering if I can flush it down the loo or if it will block up the pipes and give someone at your company some work to actually do?!) So basically, we are no better off. OK, fine. We are not the only ones in the same boat, money is tight for a large chunk of the population and we are all feeling the pinch. The next bit, though had me steaming. Apparently, they would like me to take my £10 and support them with it?? £10 barely buys anything these days, and it’s pretty stupid, with the cost of groceries, living, travel, and other things, to think that anyone would feel they were “better off” with that piddling amount.

Safe to say, I won’t be “Investing” my hard earned back tenner, in them, nor will I be willingly giving it to any of the political parties, if I can help it. My Dad says I should treat LSH and I to a celebratory meal at McDonald’s, because that is all it would stretch to, maybe I will…Actually, we have decided to donate it to a charity, at least it will be doing something good.

Seriously? Who are they kidding? Why do they patronise us and promise us we will be better off. If they think I will be voting for them, or any of the other numpties (the Lib Dems have been round three times this week, I obviously don’t look scary enough when I open the door during happy hour (aka supper-time with two small children!)

So, that’s my little whine for the week. Pop along to MummyBarrow and see what’s got her goat. I think it’s a rant about table manners on TV.


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My tonsillectomy – By Big Girl

I have had sore throats for a long time. I have had to have lots of time of school, and when my throat is sore, I don’t feel very well at all, and I had to have yucky tasting medicine called antibiotics.

Mummy took me to see the doctor. He looked in my throat and told us that my tonsils were very big, and that I kept getting something called tonsillitis. He said I needed to see a special doctor, who might want to take them out.

We saw a special doctor, who said my tonsils did not look good, and that I needed to have an operation to take them out. I was a little bit scared, but I wanted to feel better.

Before I went to hospital, I wasn’t allowed to eat any food or drink anything. I was a bit grumpy about this, as I felt very hungry.

When we got to hospital, the nurse checked me and weighed me, and checked my pulse and temperature. She gave me a special gown to wear, and a hospital bracelet that had my name on it. The doctor came and told me what he was going to do, and then a special doctor called an anaesthetist came and explained what would happen when I went to sleep for my operation.

When I went to the operating theatre, I climbed on a bed, and the doctor put a mask on my face and I took lots of breaths and everyone looked all funny and wobbly. I went to sleep. Mummy held my hand.

I woke up after the operation, and a nurse was looking after me. Mummy and Daddy came to get me, and I went back to my room on a special trolley. I was a bit sleepy and tired for a while, then I was hungry and the nurse let me have Ribena to drink and biscuits. When I was feeling well enough, I had some pasta and some more to drink and then we had to wait until the doctor said I was able to go home. I went home late that night, and Mummy looked after me, because I didn’t feel very well for a bit, and my throat was very sore.

I have been at home for two weeks, and the doctor said I was not allowed to go back to school. I have been watching lots of TV, movies, and reading. My throat has been quite sore, but it is getting better now and I am missing my friends at school.

I am very glad I had the operation, I was fed up of getting sick all the time. It was a bit scary to go into hospital, but I feel so much better now.

Here are some photos Mummy took. 

TonsilsEmMe, eating my breakfast very early, I wasn’t allowed any food after that. In the hospital waiting to see the doctor and go to have my operation. Mummy looked after my bear while I was having my operation. I took a selfie to send to my Grandad and Uncle after the operation, to show them I was ok. Eating my dinner, I was SO hungry. Home and eating ice lollies, and soup. My class made me a get well card. Feeling well enough to go out and eat lunch. 


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